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You have a stable of creatives you believe in. But do you have the time to promote them all?

Used to be, you got your client signed by a label or publisher and they did the rest. Now they expect you to come to the table with talent, product and audience in tow. No doubt this shift in business model has made your job tougher. But we are here to help.

Machus Media is a one-stop shop for the serious creative. But we understand that the person behind the promise may need a little help, too. Whether you are a music promoter, booking agent or publishing agent, we can assist you in taking your client to the next level.

Our promotion services include digital distribution, event promotion, website development, social media engagement, professional photography and album and book cover art.


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Song Promotions

Promote your client's music. Create an online presence and socialize with fans and allow them to interact and purchase.

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Book Promotions

Looking to promote your client's latest book or brand? Check out the magic we can perform for a single or multipage website.

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Website Design

Do your artists or writers need music, books, or events promoted? Boost their image. Partner with us and let us take

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The Machus Media digital promotion and distribution team pushes your client’s music or book out to locations worldwide, exposing their work to those around the globe searching for their particular genre.

You upload it, we promote it.

  • Website creation
    • Author/book
    • Artist/Album
  • Distribution to
    • Amazon, Google & More!
    • iTunes, Google Play & More!
  • FREE Facebook, Twitter and Google plus book/music Page
  • Keep 100% of Your Royalties
  • Keep 100% of your book rights
  • Cover art offered for both albums and ebooks.

Event Promotion

When you partner with Machus Media, we assist you in not only promoting your client’s work, but also the events that help to further promote their project. Give us your client’s dates, and we’ll get the word about what they’re doing, when and where.

Website Design and Development

Machus web developers have been building sites for decades, pursuing ongoing training and re-certifications that ensure your client’s site is cutting edge in terms of technology, design and architecture.

When we drive fans and industry professionals to your client’s website, we want them blown away by its look, feel and easy navigation. Your end result is no DIY cut-and-paste job. It’s got Machus artistry and reliability behind it.

Standard features include:

  • A design that artfully represents your client’s genre and style
  • A biography page, with discography or bibliography, if appropriate
  • A regularly updated news page that publicizes your client’s events and achievements
  • Samples of your client’s songs or excerpts from their book
  • Automated connectivity to social media platforms of your choice
  • Web-to-capture landing pages to collect visitor emails for your client’s marketing list
  • A sales page with links to drive fans to seller sites where they can buy your clients’ songs or books
  • A blog to generate fresh content to keep your client relevant and visible on search engines
  • An easily regulated comment section for fans to provide valuable feedback
  • Regular reports ensuring your marketing strategy is working and on target.

Visual Promotion

Our professional photographers and on-staff graphic artists allow us to take artist promotion one step further by providing you with industry-quality photos for offline publicity as well as high-res photos for your website and digital press kit.

Our graphic artists can create or replicate your logo as well as design album and cover art that communicates your message the way you want using hand-drawn or digitally created images. If you can think it, we can create it.

So if you’re ready to take your client to the next level, Machus Media stands ready to assist. You concentrate on your client. Leave the marketing and promotion to us.

Call us and let’s start promoting TODAY.

Social Media Engagement

They’re nobody until somebody likes them. Not just likes them, but “likes” them. Google and industry pros reward popularity. And you know more than anyone: The more fans they have, the more attention they get. So if your client’s not on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms, they need to be.

But results-driven social media marketing requires more than mere page presence—it requires active daily engagement to get their name in front of fans and those whose flying fingers can make the difference between 100 units sold and 10,000 units sold.

Do you have the time it takes to do this? Not if you’re successful at what you do. Successful agents are busy negotiating contracts and setting up interviews. They don’t have time to tweet and post.

Just as its counterpart in web development, the Social Media Marketing team at Machus has engaged client audiences on social media platforms since their inception. We know how they work and what it takes to get fans invested.