Album and Book Cover Art

The music you breathe and the writing you project in your book is the key to your fame! When you sing or write, your work speaks a lot about you and when your work is promoted, the cover of your album or book speaks a lot about your genre and the kind of audience you attract. Our designs bring you the wow, the bang, and the zing you need to dazzle your market. With the creative talent and tech-savvy people, we make your business, funky, so you are noticed, you are remembered, you stand out from the media fray of the day and people want to know you. With our experience in designing and using the best tools, let your cover spice up your distribution and zoom in the market with maximum sale.

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All graphic work is customized (by a real person). We start you off with the best cost that will probably get the job done, but we'll estimate it to find out how complex you want to go based on what you're looking for. 


  • Market Analysis
  • Design & Graphics
  • Content
  • Printing
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