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Author Promotion

You’ve dedicated your time, your talent and your soul to the book that’s been on your heart and mind to write ever since you can remember. And now it’s finally finished. What next?

Used to be you signed with an agent who shopped your book to publishers until one took a chance and published it. Used to be, this included marketing the book for you. That’s no longer the case. Publishers expect you to come to the table bearing not only your manuscript but an amassed audience as well.

Notwithstanding aspiring authors whose copywriting experiences have lent them keen understanding of the current marketing environment, chances are you have little to no experience marketing anything, much less a book. And if you don’t know already, marketing is a full-time job.

Machus Media is a one-stop shop for the first-time author. We assist talented writers in promoting their books through book, ebook and event promotion, website design and development, social media engagement, professional photography and book cover art design.

Book Promotion

Whether your goal is to self-publish an ebook or snag a publishing contract, the Machus Media digital marketing team works with you to build a strategy to attract enthusiastic reader and publisher attention within your particular genre through proven online marketing tactics.

Upload your manuscript, tell us what you want to accomplish with it, and allow us the privilege of working on your behalf to make it happen.

Event Promotion

Book readings, lectures and signings sell books. Allow us to publicize your next event. Give us your dates, and we’ll get the word about when you’ll be presenting your material and where.

Author Websites

Machus web developers have been building and designing sites for decades, pursuing ongoing training and re-certifications that ensure your site is cutting edge in terms of technology, design and architecture.

When we drive fans and industry professionals to your website, we want them blown away by its look, feel and easy navigation. Your end result is no DIY cut-and-paste job. It’s got Machus artistry and reliability behind it.

Social Media Engagement

You’re nobody until somebody likes you. Not just likes you, but “likes” you. Google and publishing pros reward popular authors. The more fans you have, the more attention you get. If you’re not on at least Facebook and Twitter, you need to be.

But you need more than mere page presence. You need to actively engage with fellow users. That means starting and engaging in daily online conversations about writing and/or your book’s subject matter—daily—to get your name in front of fans and those whose flying fingers can promote your book—which translates to a difference between 100 books sold or 100,000 books sold.

Do you have the time it takes to do this? Not if you’re a disciplined writer with a productive writing schedule.

Just as its counterpart in web design and development, the Social Media Marketing team at Machus has engaged client audiences on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace since before Nicholas Sparks wrote The Notebook. We know how it works and what it takes to get fans and publishers invested in your work.

Visual Promotion

Our professional photographers and on-staff graphic artists allow us to take artist promotion one step further by providing you with industry-quality photos for offline publicity as well as high-res photos for your website and digital press kit.

Our graphic artists create exquisite cover art that communicates your theme and genre any way you want using hand-drawn or digitally created images. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

So if you’re ready to make your mark in the publishing world, Machus Media has the tools you need to make it a big one. You concentrate on your writing. Leave the marketing and promotion to us.

Upload your manuscript and let’s start promoting TODAY.

Pricing Options

The important thing to note here is that the cost of marketing in general depends on your goals and what you can afford. Knowing this, we wanted to pack as much as we could into your budget

eBook Promotion

  • eBook Conversion (for Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.)
  • 100% Author Royalties
  • Global Distribution
  • Marketing Consultation

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Audiobook Promotion

  • Website creation
  • Distribution to Amazon, Google & More!
  • FREE Facebook, Twitter and Google plus book Page
  • Keep 100% of Your Royalties
  • Keep 100% of your book rights

Fire it up!

eBook + Audiobook

  • Website creation
  • Distribution to Amazon, Google & More!
  • FREE Facebook, Twitter and Google plus book Page
  • Keep 100% of Your Royalties
  • eBook Conversion (for Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.)
  • Keep 100% of your book rights

Get in, Let's Roll!

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Standard features

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  • A biography page, with bibliography, if appropriate
  • A regularly updated news page that publicizes your events and achievements
  • A page of excerpts from your book(s)
  • Automated connectivity to social media platforms of your choice
  • Web-to-capture landing pages to collect visitor emails for your client’s marketing list
  • A sales page with links to drive readers to bookseller sites where they can buy your book
  • A blog to generate fresh content to keep you relevant and visible on search engines
  • An easily regulated comment section for fans to provide valuable feedback
  • Measurement and analysis tools to ensure your marketing strategy is working to target the right audience