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You know your fans, your craft and yourself better than anyone. But do you have what it takes to plan and execute a successful email campaign?

Email marketing is hands-down the best tool in the box to engage fans, promote upcoming gigs and sell books and merchandise. But it’s more sophisticated than grinding out a simple email. Great results require great planning. And a little finesse.

The first step in successful marketing is listening. Tell us about your fans—who they are, what turns them on and what turns them off. Tell us about you and your craft—who you are and why you play what you play or write what you write. We’ll not only craft the message for you, but also design a long-term campaign that brings in dollars as well as disciples.

Machus Media services are synergistic. Our clients benefit from seamless services that take your contact list and make it work for you, from capturing visitor addresses from your website to implementing strategies that reach across all marketing and promotion platforms. As you advance your craft, we’ll evolve the message to ensure your fan relationships grow with you.

Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, an announcement or a simple note of gratitude to your fans, Machus Media is dedicated to keeping the conversation going—while you create new things to talk about.

Upload your marketing goals and let’s start promoting TODAY.

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