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Rebranding Your Company

Rebranding is not a new term but somehow it is one of the marketing criteria that is not often discussed and taken under consideration by many companies.

In a market full of competition, it is a challenge to stand apart and stay connected to your customers all the time. You have to be moving and doing something new.

The big players of the market understand the value of rebranding very well and use it time to time. Whether it is Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola or Facebook everyone has rebranded themselves to evolve with time and needs of the brand.

So what exactly is rebranding and why is it such a big deal?

Rebranding is more like redefining your brand, expanding it and introducing new things in your company. Rebranding is the easiest way to show the world that changes are happening, and that the company is moving in a new direction.

Change is the essence of life and like everything else, people need some change in the brands they know and love.

This might seem simple, but before rebranding, the company has to be very sure about the reason, the “WHY”.

There can be innumerable reasons like:

  1. The company is expanding its service offerings.
  2. The company is introducing new products in its product line.
  3. There is room for change and modernization as it has been a long time since the original brand was conceptualized.
  4. The company has suffered a bad PR, a scandal or internal upheaval.

Whatever the reason may be, rebranding is like fresh air for your business.

How to go about rebranding:

Once you are sure why you want to rebrand your company, it’s easy to jot down the ways in which you can rebrand your company.

Some of the ways are:
  1. Changing the logo.
  2. Changing the website design and layout.
  3. Adding new content to the website.
  4. Publishings ads to introduce new products and services of the company.
  5. Hitting social media with some fresh blog posts, videos and posts to introduce the developments and changes.

So if you still feel that your company doesn’t need rebranding, reconsider! There is always something new you can do to reinvent yourself and make your existing and potential customers sit up and notice you.

What is the one thing that you will like to change about your company while rebranding? What more do you think can be added? Share your views and ideas with us.

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