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Be An Expert


Expert! A word we all rely on and a title we all strive for!

Being an expert is not a one day task or a year long struggle. Being an expert is an ongoing process. It is about living your passion.

To be an expert the first and the foremost thing we need to do is to love what we do.

If you really want to be an expert you need to have interest in what you do. So first things first, identify your interest!

Being an expert doesn't come on a platter.

Once you know what interests you, start working in that direction and push yourself to the extreme limits to know and understand your field from the ground up.

The 5 best practices that can make you an EXPERT in your field are:

  1. Overcome challenges:

    1. Experts do a lot of research and study everything in detail.

    2. They fix their own problems and seek help only when they've truly hit a brick wall.

    3. They always document the problem, their process, failures and of course, the solution in order to help their future self and the team, which also saves a lot of time.

  2. Ready to teach and share:

    1. They have so much information, everything they say is informative and educational. They love to share their wisdom.

    2. Experts always keep their own collection of “Tips and Tricks” and are sure to share them for the welfare of their team.

  3. Master the environment

    1. Experts always keep themselves updated with the latest features of their field. There’s always something new to learn and that’s what experts love to do.  They keep up with the changes in their field by reading, training, and doing.

    2. They automate everything they can, to save time and to get the work done quickly and effectively.  It’s all about how smart you can work.

  4. There’s no such thing as “It can’t be done”:

    1. If you ever find yourself saying that, it means that YOU don’t have a solution.  Just remember, someone else will. To be an expert you need to discover or invent one.

    2. Experts also believe that all things are possible. It just requires more knowledge, more time, and possibly more budget at times.

    3. They always give alternatives for doing things and overcoming challenges.

  5. They know they have it and they flaunt it:

    1. Ooh...yes they do! Experts have an ego and they’re not afraid to show off their mad skills.  Heck they worked hard for that title, and everyone is going to hear about it!

    2. They push themselves to master their skills and show off. “This is AWESOME, check out what I just did!”

    3. They challenge the standards to come up with new ways.  There’s something to be said about going off the beaten path and being a trailblazer.  Experts love that!  They want to be the first of their kind.

    4. They pride their work and admire it as if everything they did is a work of art.

Expertise never comes easy. It needs your constant input, efforts and attention.

Get on with it today, so you can be an expert tomorrow!

Be the best at what you do and do what you love!

What are your expert tips? What more do you think can be added? Share your views and ideas with us.


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