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Happy Holidays


This holiday season get ready to enjoy an OFFER, bigger than ever before!

Whether you are an artist, an author, an agent or a businessman (or woman), we can help you celebrate a better tomorrow by making you more successful and visible.

Check out our plethora of treats, neatly packaged for you!

Marketing - The targets, the budgets, the conversions….whoooo! I’m getting you worried? Nah, not for you! Sit back and relax.  We are here to make sure that none of the marketing facets can spoil your festive mood! At Machus we have tailored strategies and can customize plans for all your needs for:

  1. Social Media

  2. PPC

  3. Organic search ranking (SEO)

  4. Classified ads

  5. Reputation Management.

Digital Distribution - Digital distribution is the cherry and the frosting of the promotional cake that can lead to a lot of making and baking. But have no fear, we assure you an exquisite flavor while we take care of the ingredients:

  1. Song promotion

  2. Ebook promotion

  3. Video promotion

  4. Event promotion

Content Writing - Content can be really fruitful! It can compel your clients to trust you and buy your product and services! We make sure that your content brings prosperity to both -  you and your customers. We offer you creative and professional writers for:

  1. Web page content

  2. Product content

  3. Blog and article content

  4. Wikipedia articles

  5. Biography, and a lot more!

Designing - Yes, we know you love the designing part. But you’re not sure which design will go perfectly with your website, what CD cover will go best with your album or which book cover will be most relevant and eye-catching! Well, that’s not your part of the job! Leave it to the graphic designers and creators to give you the look that matches your image.

  1. Website designing and rehauling

  2. Cover art - Both CD and eBook

  3. Logos

  4. Business cards

  5. Posters

  6. Post cards, and everything else you can think of to get designed.

So this Holiday Season make it a point to gift yourself a successful business by joining hands with Machus Media and jump on the HAPPY HOLIDAY offer with 25% off on all services!*

*offer valid from 22nd Dec, 2014 to 1st Jan,2015

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